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ICC has been collecting business debt for several years now and is an experienced and effective commercial debt recovery agency with offices in Turkey and the Netherlands. Our success is a result of understanding commercial disputes, training and experience. We are able to solve these issues quickly, we do it amicably and ensure that our clients’ interests are always upheld.

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It is important that all companies can conduct business in the international marketplace without facing payment risks. Our goal at ICC is to ensure that our clients receive full payment for the products or services sold out of their own country. On behalf of you, we can handle your international accounts if they become overdue, from single debts to complete accounts and projects.

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In the case that amicable efforts yield no result, in spite of all available possibilities you haven’t been able to recover unpaid receivables, you can ultimately decide to initiate a court debt collection. However you should consider this as a last resort. Court debt recovery should be the last step to obtain repayments of past-due receivables. Even during this process we can offer you our help and guide you trough it in order to collect your receivables

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Our Team of professionals can assist you with financial, business and legal consulting in more than 100 countries worldwide. With more than 5 years of experience in accounts receivable management, court trials, enforcements and bankruptcy procedures enable us to advise you by offering best and optimal possibilities upon seeking the solutions for your outstanding claims. We’re able to setting up an accounts receivable management system for your company

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We offer a wide variety of credit reporting and financial investigation services to clients either as part of the collection process or as a stand-alone service. ICC can perform the majority of requests inhouse as well as a vast network of reliable and trusted contacts we can call upon if anything out of the ordinary is requested. Reports such as : Consumer Credit Reports/ Commercial Credit Reports / Land Registry Searches are requested quite often

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ICC invested heavily in the tools needed to trace the debtors or customers. We have multiple options available: from electronic tracing desk-based and agent trace to complex international tracing. Whether you want to find the latest address registry or send out an field agent to check if the company is still operating this all and more is possible.

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The 4 stages of debt collection

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Unpaid invoice

You have provided a service or a product and even after sending several reminders you haven’t been paid yet. As a result you lose time and resources.

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Istanbul Credit Consultancy

After consulting with ICC we review your documents and invoices. We provide you with an unique case number so that you can always check up on the progress of your claim

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Our professional agents will get in touch with the client and request payment for the provided goods or services. This of course without distrupting your existing relation with the client.

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After negotiating and recovering your payment ICC will make sure that you receive the payment finally within 5 working days on your bank account. After confirmation from your end we’ll close the file.

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Get in touch with us

Let’s recover your claim !

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