Why ICC?

Istanbul Credit Consultancy with it’s experience and professional debt recovery skills combines technology, tradition and an efficient approach so that we can ensure professional performance of our services. Most of all we do this all without distrupting your relationship with the client.

What we can do for you ?

ICC is more than an debt collection agency. Tracing services, Credit reports, Legal services all of these are provided in house With the support of our international trusted partners network, we can offer our services like international debt collection and legal consultancy in over 130 countries.

Global Coverage

With our local partners in more than 100 countries and our in house lawyers we can support you to achieve a steady inflow of monies regarding account collectibles. When you choose for to work with ICC, you avoid wasting time looking for reputable agencies or lawyers.


The 4 stages of debt collection

Turkey debt collection unpaid invoice

Unpaid invoice

You have provided a service or a product and even after sending several reminders you haven’t been paid yet. As a result you lose time and resources.

Istanbul Credit Consultancy

After consulting with ICC we review your documents and invoices. We provide you with an unique case number so that you can always check up on the progress of your claim

Turkey debt collection unpaid invoice


Our professional agents will get in touch with the client and request payment for the provided goods or services. This of course without distrupting your existing relation with the client.

Turkey Debt Debtor Collection


After negotiating and recovering your payment ICC will make sure that you receive the payment finally in your bank account. After confirmation from your end we’ll close the file.

Istanbul Credit Consultancy

ICC is first of all highly experienced in commercial debt collection. We’ve specialised throughout the years in resolving disputed and undisputed international cases in a swift and amicable matter.

Our staff of collection specialists operate from our offices in the Netherlands and Turkey (Istanbul). With many years of collection experience they are able to avoid confliction and recover your receivables without risking your relationship with the client. In conclusion, we’re ready to offer you the service you need.

We also provide high quality financial, legal and compliance services. With strategic partnerships with partners across five continents, we service clients anywhere around the globe.

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Free Claim Evaluation

Unpaid invoice ? Undelivered Goods?  With our offices in Amsterdam and Istanbul and our global network we standby to help you recover your receivables.

From commercial debt recovery, skip tracing to legal services, we provide all these services in house. ICC should be your only stop if you have dealings in Turkey

Whether you are local company with claims abroad or an international company with claims in Turkey, ICC with it's international team is ready to provide the necessary services you require.

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I. Genç

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