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Istanbul Credit Consultancy & Legal

ICC is first of all highly experienced in commercial (B2B) debt collection. We’ve specialised throughout the years in resolving disputed and undisputed international claims in a swift and amicable matter.

Our staff of collection specialists operate from our offices in the Netherlands and Türkiye(Istanbul). With many years of collection experience they are able to efficiently recover your receivables without risking the relationship with your customer. In conclusion, we offer the proper way of debt collection.

We also provide high quality financial, legal and compliance services. With strategic partnerships across the five continents, we service clients anywhere around the globe.



A decade of expertise



Successful recoveries

Our Vision

Our vision at ICC is to be the most effective debt collection agency of Turkiye, most valued by its customers and partners in order to reverse the culture of challenging receivables payment in international trade. We understand that a one-size-fits-all approach to debt collection and receivables management can’t work in every case. We make sure that we focus on your needs as an individual business and provide a tailored debt collection period of your claim

Our Mission

We strife to provide personalized and efficient solutions for international accounts receivables through a carefully chosen combination of worldwide coverage and local expertise.
We are here to help our clients improve their cash flow in regards to unpaid invoice, thus allowing them to invest more time in their own core activities.


Businesses like yours are at the heart of local economy and it’s critical your receivables stay healthy. Every local company has just taken a major hit from the Covid-19 pandemic so it’s more important than ever to pay attention to your accounts receivable and cash flow. That is why we only charge a fee if your claim is sucessfully recovered.

Why Choose For Us

Istanbul Credit Consultancy & Legal with it’s experience and professional debt recovery skills combines technology, tradition and an efficient approach so that we can ensure professional performance of our services.


  • No Cure, No Pay
  • We take individual cases (no amount is too small)
  • We work with local experts in each country and have offices in The Netherlands and Türkiye
  • Regular reporting
  • No fixed handling fee, no hidden charges
  • Documentation, we record and document our transactions with the debtors


We mean what we say, say what we mean, and deliver results. Tons of references and proven track record to show


We envision new and creative solutions to push the debtors for payment. We invest in the tools to trace debtors and assets.


We strive to give you more than you expect, every time. Transparancy and honesty regarding your claims. We'll let you know where you stand


Our success is driven by doing the right thing. Finding the balance between debtor and creditor to leave space for future trades.


We demonstrate enthusiasm, dedication, and satisfaction in everything we do. One of the key factors of our high success rates.


We work as an integrated entity to deliver the highest level of service. Collection agents are assisted by our lawyers with their cases.
Leading experts

A team that can change your bussiness!

Delaying could cost you more than you realize. It’s a statistical fact: the longer you wait to collect overdue accounts receivable, the less you are likely to recover.

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